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This page contains all available issues of Crop wild relative (the PGR Forum newsletter), case study handouts, workshop reports, poster presentations and other public documents. 


The PGR Forum Crop Wild Relative Catalogue for Europe and the Mediterranean is available via the Crop Wild Relative Information System (CWRIS). 


The PGR Forum CD ROM containing CWRIS and the contents of the public pages of this web site has been published and circulated with Issue 5 of Crop wild relative.


Workshop presentations and other work package documents are posted in the password protected project intranet. 


Delegates at the First International Conference on Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use can view oral presentations by clicking here (password protected).




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First International Conference on Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use: Programme | Book of abstracts | Poster presentations



Crop wild relative Issue 1

Crop wild relative Issue 2

Crop wild relative Issue 3

Crop wild relative Issue 4

Crop wild relative Issue 5

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Crop wild relative: Guidelines for Contributors PDF (230 KB) WORD (1.1 MB)


Case study  1: Arnica

Case study 2: Lupinus

Case study  3: Linum

Case study  4:Avena

Case study  5: CWRIS

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1. Report of Workshop 1: European crop wild relative assessment

PDF (2.7 MB)



WORD (3.4 MB)

PDF ZIP (1.1 KB)


2. Summary report of Workshop 2: Threat and Conservation Assessment

PDF 161 KB

3. Report of Workshop 3: In Situ Data Management Methodologies

PDF (500 KB)

4. Report of Workshop 4: Population Management Methodologies

PDF (656 KB)

5. Summary report of Workshop 5: Genetic Erosion and Pollution Assessment Methodologies

PDF (35 KB)

6. Genetic Erosion and Pollution Assessment Methodologies: Proceedings of PGR Forum Workshop 5


1. Description of Work

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WORD (631 KB)

PDF ZIP (520 KB)



1. Kell, S.P., N. Maxted and B.V. Ford-Lloyd 2004. Conservation of the threatened wild relatives of socio-economically important plants in Europe. 1.1 MB Poster presented at the Royal Society Scientific Discussion Meeting, Beyond extinction rates: monitoring wild nature for the 2010 target, 19-20 July 2004, London, UK and Planta Europa: 4th European Conference on the Conservation of Wild Plants, 17-20 September 2004, Valencia, Spain.

Abstract PDF (341 KB)

Poster PDF (1.5 MB)

2. Jury, S.L., S.P. Kell, H. Kn�pffer, N. Maxted, and B.V. Ford-Lloyd 2004. PGR Forum, Euro+Med PlantBase and Mansfeld�s Database: serving the crop wild relative user community. Poster presented at the 11th OPTIMA Meeting, 5-11 September 2004, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.

Abstract PDF (58 KB)

Poster PDF (2.6 MB)

3. Kell, S.P., N. Maxted, B.V. Ford-Lloyd, C. Hilton-Taylor, C. Pollock and W. Strahm 2004. Crop wild relatives: a vital resource for a sustainable future.  Poster presentation given at the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2004

Poster PDF (1.8 MB)

4. Kell, S.P., N. Maxted and B.V. Ford-Lloyd  2005. Crop wild relatives: a vital resource for a sustainable future.  Poster presentation given at the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Dry Land Agrobiodiversity Conference, Aleppo, Syria, April 2005

Poster PDF (509 KB)

First International Conference on Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use

Programme (PDF 587 KB)


Book of abstracts (PDF 772 KB)



First International Conference on Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use


PGR Forum Case Studies 

Ecotypic exploration and characterization trials to promote conservation of Arnica montana L. in Northern Europe

Asdal, �., J. Labokas, K. Olsson, J. Radu�iene and K.W. Bladh

PDF (304 KB)

Avena strigosa (Schreb.), a threatened crop wild relative of a historical crop 

Podyma, W., M. Scholten and E. Bettencourt

PDF (254 KB)

Lupinus hispanicus Boiss. & Reut. in the Iberian Peninsula: a crop wild relative traditionally harvested for fodder 

Iriondo, J.M., L. De Hond and M. Parra

PDF (600 KB)

The PGR Forum Crop Wild Relative Information System (CWRIS): information management for CWR populations, illustrated with case studies 

Kell, S.P., J. Iriondo, N. Maxted, J. Moore, M. Scholten,  A. Asdal, L. Frese, J. Labokas and Z. Stehno

PDF (248 KB)

Allium schoenoprasum subsp. sibiricum (L.) Richter in Central and Northern Europe

Stehno, Z., M. Scholten, J. Labokas, �. Asdal and I. Chukhina

PDF (307 KB)

Linum dolomiticum Borb�s, a strictly protected wild relative of cultivated flax in Hungary

V�r�sv�ry, G., L. Holly and L. Udvardy

PDF (380 KB)

Session 1. CWR conservation and use: an overview

The Italian national program to implement the International FAO Treaty on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture 

Izzo, M., D. Avanzato and C. Fideghelli

PDF (266 KB)

Session 2.   Establishing CWR inventories and conservation priorities

Genetic diversity and phylogeographic structure of the genus Vitis: implications for conservation

Aradhya, M., B.H. Prins, G. S. Dangl, C. J. Simon and E. Stover


Collecting of wild species in the National park Muran Plain

Benedikova, D. and P. Hauptvogel

PDF (2.2 MB)

Wild relatives for stone and pipe fruits and nuts in Georgia

Bobokashvili, Z., V. Kvaliashvili and K. Dzeria

PDF (1.0 MB)

Improvement exploitation and preservation of Sicilian vegetable genetic resources

Cartabellotta, D., and G. Spart�


CWR: grapevine, small and minor fruits in Georgia (The Caucasus)

Chkhartishvili, N., D. Maghradze, K. Gogishvili and R. Tchipashvili

PDF (2.2 MB)

An overview on plant genetic resources in Albania, especially on crop wild relatives

Hyso, M., A. Salillari, T. Dishinica, F. Voci and R. Shehu

PDF (1.1 MB)

Investigation on trees biodiversity, growing in the Templum Valley of Agrigento

Leto Barone, G., C. Liotta and R. Sciarratta


Concept for establishing an inventory of CWR in Germany

Roscher, S.

PDF (209 KB)

Conservation and utilization of officinal species germplasm in Sicily (Italy)

Tuttolomondo T., S. La Bella, I. Cammalleri, C. Leto, M. Licata and G. Gaeta

PDF(2.4 MB)

Conservation priorities for crop wild relatives in Hungary

V�r�sv�ry, G., L.Holly and L.Horv�th

PDF (1.1 MB)

Session 3. CWR threat and conservation assessment

Helichrysum arenarium (L.) Moench conservation in Estonia 

Pihlik, U.


Session 4. Genetic erosion and genetic pollution of CWR

The relationship between the agriculture modernization and the fruit genetic erosion observed by analysing the plants offer from the nurseries catalogues

Avanzato, D. and E. Raparelli

PDF (441 KB)

The importance of Sicilian phanerophytes as wild relatives of crop woody plants 

Barbera, G., T. La Mantia and S. Pasta


On the conservation of the endangered European crab apple (Malus sylvestris): threats from hybridization with domesticated apple (Malus � domestica

Larsen, A. S., C. B. Asmussen, E. Coart, D. C. Olrik and E. D. Kj�r

PDF (148 KB)

Session 5. In situ management and monitoring for CWR

Monitoring of fruit wild relatives in Albania

�arka, F., I. �i�i , B. Ferraj and V. Vorpsi

PDF (658 KB)

Native litchi and their wild relatives: taxonomy gap, in situ conservation plan in Vietnam

Hoa, T.T. and L.T. Dinh

PDF (95 KB)

Microsatellites as a model for decision making in in situ management of wild beets

Poulsen, G., N. Syde and L. Dafg�rd

PDF (467 KB)

Identification of valuable populations of the widely distributed crop wild relatives using Rubus idaeus L. as an example

Ryabova, D.

PDF (492 KB)

In situ conservation in Peneda-Ger�s National Park of Ger�s lily (Iris boissieri), wild daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. nobilis) and bastard balm (Melittis melissophyllum)

Silva, D. F. F. M., M. H. L. A. Tiago and A. S. C. Leite


Session 6. Ex situ conservation of CWR

Wheat wild relatives � a 25-year programme of ex situ conservation

Anikster, Y. and J. Manisterski

PDF (399 KB)

A national Italian network to improve seed conservation of wild native species ('RIBES')    

Bonomi, C., G. Rossi and G. Bedini

PDF (198 KB)

Conservation and characterization of Myrtus communis germplasm

Bruna, S., C. Cervelli, A. Mercuri and B. Ruffoni

PDF (632 KB)

Tissue culture as a tool for ex situ conservation of wild pear: the role of exogenous carbohydrates

Caboni, E., M.A Palombi., C. Damiano and A. Frattarelli

PDF (6.7 MB)

Seed conservation studies in rare and threatened wild relatives of citrus in Australia

Hamilton, K.N., S.E. Ashmore and R.A. Drew


Crop wild relatives in the Dutch genebank: importance and use

Hoekstra, R., W. van Dooijeweert and I.W. Boukema

PDF (963 KB)

Ex situ conservation of crop wild relatives in Hungary

Holly, L., G. V�r�sv�ry and L. Horv�th

PDF (2.8 MB)

Seed collections from nature for ex situ conservation

Horovitz, A.

PDF(210 KB)

Cryopreservation as a method of potato germplasm storage in gene bank

Kryszczuk, A. and E. Zimnoch-Guzowska


The CNR Gene Bank of Bari Activities in Crop Wild Relatives

Perrino, P., V.F. Tomaselli, M. Terzi, G. Sarli, G. Maruca, L. Mallardi, I. Scarascia, M. Scarascia, P. Cataldo, K. Hammer and D. Lafiandra

PDF (71 KB)

Studies on CWR at the Institute of Plant Genetics

Pignone, D. and L. Monti

PDF (513 KB)

Genetic structure of island populations of wild cardoon [Cynara cardunculus L. var. sylvestris (Lamk) Fiori] detected by AFLPs and SSRs

Portis, E., A. Acquadroa, C. Cominoa, G. Mauromicaleb and S. Lanteri

PDF (983 KB)

The role of the Mediterranean species Botanic Garden (Agrigento district) played with the conservation and the valuation of the native botanic species

Sortino, M., A. La Mantia and S. Sortino

PDF (1.5 MB)

Session 8. CWR as gene donors for crop improvement

The contribution of C.R.A. � �Istituto Sperimentale per la Floricoltura� � Palermo section to the conservation and exploitation of the native germplasm: the wild species collections of the Limonium genus (Plumbaginaceae) present in Sicily

Aprile, S. and A. La Mantia

PDF (1.4 MB)

Commercial utilization of the widespread Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) population in Slovakia 

Brindza, P., J. Brindza, D. T�th and B. Stehlikov�

PDF (654 KB)

Conservation of Limonium species and their use in a breeding program 

Burchi, G. , E. Mercatelli, A. Mercuri, C. Bianchini and T. Schiva

PDF (402 KB)

The collection and conservation of wild mangifera species for the Improvement of the commercial mango (Mangifera indica L.)

Campbell, R.

PDF (328 KB)

The wild olives of Sicily, their past and potential contribution to the improvement of the cultivated varieties

Cultrera G.M.N., L. Baldoni, A. Porceddu, C. Ricciolini and M.A. Germana


Canada yew (Taxus canadensis Marsh.) and taxanes: a perfect species for field production and improvement through genetic selection

Daoust, G. and G. Sirois

PDF (58 KB)

Research on the volatile fraction in leaves of Olea europaea subsp.oleaster and Olea europaea subsp. sativa

Di Marco, L., M.A. German�, E. Palazzolo and F. Saiano


Collecting and evaluation of wild Medicago sativa populations 

Drobn�, J. and P. Hauptvogel

PDF (1.9 MB)

Molecular and phytopathological characterization of natural populations of Aegilops sharonensis in Israel 

Ezrati, S., E. Millet, J. Manisterski, P. Ben-Yehuda, M. Agami and Y. Anikster

PDF (392 KB)

Maintenance of and research on wild crop relatives at Department of Botany, Palack� University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Lebeda, A., I. Dole�alov�, E. Kř�stkov�, B. Mieslerov�, M. Duchoslav, P. Havr�nek and D. Vondr�kov�

PDF (221 KB)

RAPD and ISSR fingerprinting in cultivated chickpea [Cicer arietinum (L.)] and wild species 

Linga S. Rao, P. Usha Rani, P. S. Deshmukh, P. A. Kumar and S. K. Panguluri


Fingerprinting of Sicilian cherry germplasm with Simple Sequence Repeats and incompatibility (S) locus primers

Marchese, A., R. I. Bo�ković, J. Clarke, A. Motisi, A. Raimondo, K. R. Tobutt and T. Caruso

PDF (194 KB)

Comparison of morphological characters in various accessions of Solanum aethiopicum 

Oboh, B., O. Longe and C. Onejeme


Influence of water deficit on SOD and POD accumulation in wild and cultivated olive tree 

Satta, D., G. Nieddu and I. Chessa


The secondary gene pool of Barley as gene donor for crop improvement

Scholz, M., B. Ruge-Wehling, A. Habeku�, G. Pendinen, O. Schrader, K. Flath, E. Gro�e and P. Wehling

PDF (1.0 MB)

Utilization of Wild Relatives for commercial profitability in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) 

Yadav, S.S.


Session 9. Use of CWR and under-utilised species

Evaluation of underutilised Solanum americanum lines

Adetula, O.A.


Extraction of mulberry flavonoids for industrial and pharmacological use 

Andreoni, N.

PDF (38 KB)

Diversity of wild and domesticated Arracacia species in Peru, as a unique reservoir to improve arracacha, one of the most promising Andean root and tuber crops

Blas Sevillano, R.H., A. Toussaint, M. Malice , M. Ghislain and J.P. Baudoin


A methodology for conservation and sustainable use of the neglected/under-utilized tree species: Q. ilex subsp. rotundifolia (Lam) O. Schwarz. 

Correia Sousa, C.M., N. Maxted and B. Ford-Lloyd

PDF (163 KB)

Identification and bio-agronomical study of seven biotypes of Azarole (Crataegus azarolus L.)

Giorgio, A., A. Gallotta and P. Losciale

PDF (773 KB)

Genetic variation in and between wild populations of Origanum syriacum in Israel 

Hadas, R., O. Shmueli, S. Luhua, A. Sirota, T. Kroitor, G. Galiliand and N. Dudai

PDF (124 KB)

Diversity of under-utilized fruit species in West Bengal

Hasan, M.A and B.C. Das


Establishment of a collection of Salvia with multipurpose potentialities

Ruffoni, B., C. Cervelli, A. Giovannini, C. Mascarello, M.C. Principato and A. Capponi

PDF (210 KB)

Domestication and field management trials of Cicerbita alpine (L.) Wallr.

Scartezzini, F., C. Vender, N. Aiello and P. Fusani

PDF (129 KB)



Codd, R.B. 2005. Conservation action planning for UK crop wild relatives. A thesis presented to the Faculty of Science of the University of Birmingham in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Research in Conservation Biology and Plant Genetics.

PDF 5.7 MB

Markkola, H. 2005. Regional Red List assessment and Biodiversity Action Plans for crop wild relatives in Ireland. A thesis presented to the Faculty of Science of the University of Birmingham in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Conservation and Utilisation of Plant Genetic Resources.



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